BreakBeat / Hardcore / Old School Rave / Techno / UK


We know what you’re asking yourself, what’s newer than new-rave? Well, what about OLD-RAVE!

Just when you thought the true spirit of Rave was lost to Indy-rock poster boys, Glowstyx arrives with the smashing debut “Class of 1992”!  Produced by rave-master Jason Köhnen, (AKA Bong-Ra), Glowstyx gives you good-ol’ breakbeat Rave just like you remembered it, but somehow slightly updated and ready for the dance floor!

Over 3 years in the making and meticulously constructed from an archive of over 4 gigabyte of old-school rave nostalgia, Glowstyx successfully manages to deliver 12 tracks that seemingly are warped here from over more than a decade ago.  Somehow the charm, humor and excitement of Rave got lost in the growing popularity of synthetic repetitive dance music; focusing less on hooks, catchy melodies and simple song structures. But once you hear Glowstyx, you’ll realize the power of the music itself is here to stay! Bring back the high pitch vocals! Bring back the piano breakdowns, “mentasm” and rolling breaks! The old-school Rave revival is here, and let’s all drop some E to celebrate it!

Glowstyx - Class of 1992 [2007]